Welcome to the Center for Middle East Development’s (CMED) ‘Enriching the Middle East’s Economic Future’ conference website.


The conference, which is being held in conjunction with the Permanent Committee for Organizing Conferences’ Doha Forum 2013, will offer a wide-ranging overview of issues focusing on development and free trade in the Middle East and the wider world.


The conference will host distinguished personalities, including economists, experts, researchers, academics, businessmen, and decision makers from all over the world, to exchange ideas and thoughts on the region's economic outlook.


This year's debates will encompass a wide range of topical issues of great concern for the region. Divided into fourteen workshops held over three days, subjects will include:


  • America and the future of the Middle East
  • Post-Arab Spring economies: Challenges and opportunities
  • Education and the future of the Middle East: The UCLA model
  • Creating new businesses, not just jobs
  • Have the traditional investment models changed? Is the path of growth in emerging markets in jeopardy?
  • The role of Islamist in the future of the Middle East
  • The impact of investing in building communities
  • The Middle East's pivot to Asia
  • Economic challenges of the Arab Spring: The case of Egypt


The conference will take place alongside the 13th Doha Forum at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel from 20-22 May 2013, and will be attended by over 200 participants from more than 40 countries and organizations.


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