UCLA’s ‘Enriching the Middle East’s Economic Future’


We are delighted to once again partner with the UCLA’s Centre for Middle East Development for their 8th ‘Enriching the Middle East’s Economic Future’ conference, which will run in conjunction with the Doha Forum 2013.


Over the past eight years, Enriching the Middle East’s Economic Future has grown into an internationally recognised forum for scholars, dignitaries, and investors who discuss pressing issues related to global policy as they also conduct private business and interchange.


True to its original title, CMED’s conference will offer an overview of issues relating to development and free trade in the Middle East, amongst many other issues with distinguished guest participants including economists, experts, researchers, academics and decision makers from around the world.


This year’s debate will embrace a wide range of topical issues divided into 16 workshops across three days.


About the Center for Middle East Development

For more than 20 years, the Center for Middle East Development’s (CMED) unique approach has brought together thousands of regional leaders and experts in dialogues structured for productive brainstorming and idea sharing. Participants in CMED’s international conferences engage the Middle East’s most critical issues, enabling region-wide communication on political, economic, and diplomatic development.


The meetings’ unofficial, multilateral format advances long-term change in the region. Problem solving discussions allow participants to think creatively, adjust perceptions, and maintain and expand relationships - regardless of particular political climates. CMED encourages conference participants to ultimately employ new ideas and understanding toward mitigating, preventing, or even ending conflict.


In addition to these conferences, CMED:


  • Is an active member of UCLA’s renowned International Institute
  • Hosts special taskforces on outstanding diplomatic or development challenges
  • Maintains several online social networks
  • Sponsors a peer-reviewed book series published by Routledge
  • Provides students with unprecedented exposure to Middle East culture and problem solving
  • Hosts seminars and lectures and sponsors innovative courses at UCLA highlighting key issues in the Middle East
  • Provides podcasts, discussion opportunities, and selected monographs
  • Supports the highly acclaimed interdisciplinary journal Terrorism and Political Violence, which explores the political dimensions of terrorist activities and a wide range of related issues
  • Prepares research projects to promote new concepts on economic development, diplomacy, and arms control in the Middle East
  • Hosts a blog, The Middle Easterner, which provides opportunities for UCLA faculty, students, and visiting contributors to express views concerning ongoing Middle East problems and challenges of conflict resolution.


CMED disseminates the innovative policy solutions developed by conference and task force participants through targeted outreach programs to policymakers. By harnessing the collective expertise of these leading regional voices, CMED has become a primary source for authoritative analysis and practical recommendations on the Middle East.